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         Shenzhen Santong Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of low-voltage electrical products. It is a governing unit of the Shenzhen Electromechanical Industry Association and has been repeatedly rated as Shenzhen Advanced Quality Management Unit and Shenzhen's most developed potential. enterprise.
         Santong Electric has a group of highly qualified technical engineers, a group of experienced technicians in manufacturing and assembly, and a group of high-quality marketing and operation teams. They wholeheartedly provide customers with XGN15 ring cabinets KYN28 mid-cabinet, GCK(S) low-pressure drawer cabinets, Mobile box substation, VS1 ZW32 indoor and outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, 3TW1(DW45) intelligent universal circuit breaker; 3TM1 plastic shell circuit breaker, 3TM1E electronic plastic shell circuit breaker, 3TB1 miniature circuit breaker, 3TQ2 dual power source automatic switching device, BSMJ capacitor, DFK composite switch. All products have been approved by the National "3C" Compulsory Certification Certificate and the National Technical Committee for the Standardization of Low-voltage Electrical Appliances. Its technical indicators have reached the international advanced level and are widely used in power supply bureaus, real estate, industrial and mining enterprises, petrochemicals, power plants, subways, and highways. Get unanimous praise from users.
          Santong Electric is also a professional electrical agent. Its agent brands include ABB Schneider AEG Mitsubishi LS Hagrid GE. Over the years, the company has adhered to a variety, multi-brand, differentiated development strategy, product coverage low voltage and medium voltage transmission and distribution products and industrial automation products.
  • Because the choice of agents, not just select the product, but choose partners, long-term strategic partner. We adhere to and believe in 1 + 1> 2, we look at things point of view, the way things are handled, the solution to things, follow the principle of win-win situation, all conform to nature;
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  • With the core concept of "professional manufacture and attentive service", the company has introduced advanced foreign automated production equipment and absorbed the world's leading technology and built a test center, measurement center, low-voltage electrical testing center and high and low voltage electrical R & D base with advanced domestic level. And extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, has developed with independent intellectual property rights CF series of more than 200 new products, more than 30 new products at the provincial level, with more than 80 national patents, some products reach the leading domestic or international advanced level of technology .
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  • Days Xingjian, a gentleman to self-improvement. We will continue to improve the quality of products and technical level of service, and actively expand the three links of electrical sales channels and customer groups, and continuously improve the market share of products, do everything we can for the electricity market services;
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  • The site revision mainly reflects the company as a large enterprise should have some corporate style and corporate image focus. Display of the company's product information and the company in recent years made some achievements! I hope you can put forward my valuable comments and suggestions! Hope that the three companies in the efforts of all my colleagues under the three links more brilliant tomorrow!
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